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Silver Women's CrossWomen's cross with mother of pearl stone, made of pure silver 925 with authenticity stamp. Its cord is leather and has a silver clasp with the certification of Andriano Jewels. The length of the cross is 3mm. It can also be worn with a chainCategory-> Women's Crosses..
Silver female cross in Silver with Stones Classic and at the same time modern women's cross with chain and white zircon studded stones, made of pure 925 silver and with extra platinum so that they do not turn black, our jewelry all has a 925 stamp where their authenticity is proven. Give yourself..
Handmade Byzantine Women's Cross made of pure silver 925 in silver color with granada stone. A wonderful Cross with 925 silver chain for all ages. The Cross and the chain are with 925 stamp and certification by Andriano Jewels !!!..
Modern women's Cross made of pure silver 925 with extra platinum so as not to tan and zircon stones nailed. A wonderful Cross with silver chain 925 platinum plated. A beautiful piece of jewelry for all ages that you can wear all hours of the day to protect you. .The Cross and the chain are stamped 9..
Special modern cross necklace made of pure 925 silver, with white zircon studded stones and its pendant and chain have a 925 stamp where it proves their authenticity and extra platinum to always remain as they are bought. Elegant jewelry that can be worn all hours of the day. With the certification ..
Women's Cross in SilverModern women's cross in silver color, made of genuine surgical-hypoallergenic S.stell steel with a seal of authenticity and the certification of Andriano jewels. The chain has an extension and a safety clasp, the length of the cross is 0.9cmCategory-> Women's Crosses..
Women's Cross with Stones in SilverModern women's cross with zircon stones nailed in silver, with a handmade chain which has an extension and a safety clasp. Made of surgical-hypoallergenic steel s.steel with seal of authenticity and certification of Andriano jewelsCategory-> Women's Crosses..
Women's Cross from Steel to Yellow Gold AJ (KK0212X)
Forged Cross in Yellow GoldModern women's cross handmade with forged in yellow gold color, made of surgical-hypoallergenic steel S.STEEL with stamp and certification of Andriano Jewels. The chain has extension and safety claspCategory-> Women's Crosses..
Modern women's necklace with two crosses and small white zircons. A wonderful jewelry with fluctuating anti-allergy, unchanging chain that adapts to all necks and impresses. The jewelry contains a stamp s.steel and certification of andriano jewels...
A special design of double cross necklaces enriched with white zircon stones, made of surgical steel in the second chain where pendants are hanging crosses and oval elements. A stylish jewelry that enriches your necklace in pink gold..
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