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 Stainless Steel Men's Ring with Silver Stone in Silver AJ (DKS0023A)
Men's Ring with Steel Stone Modern square ring with black stone, made of stainless-hypoallergenic steel S.STEEL can be worn on your middle or little index finger. Tell us the size of your finger and we will send you the corresponding number, with the certification of Andriano J Category-> M..
Men's Steel ChainModern men's chain in silver color, made of stainless-hypoallergenic steel S.STEEL with seal of authenticity and safety clasp with the certification of Andriano JewelsCategory-> Men's Chain..
Women's Chain from Steel to Yellow GoldModern women's chain in yellow gold, made of surgical-stainless steel with S.STEEL authenticity stamp, has an extension chain and a safety clasp certified by Andriano jewelsCategory-> Women's ChainsCategory-> Women's Necklaces..
Modern women's-men's earrings silver stainless steel rings in color. Wonderful unchanging anti-allergy to wear them all hours of the day or give them as a gift to a loved one. With the certification of andriano jewels..
Double Cross Made of Steel Two ColorMen's cross double two-tone in silver and black, made of stainless-hypoallergenic steel s.steel with seal of authenticity. The cord is made of leather and the clasp is made of pure silver 925, certified by Andriano jewelsCategory-> Men's Crosses..
Men's Cross from Stainless Steel in Silver AJ (KKA0095A)
Two-tone Men's Cross made of SteelModern men's cross two-tone silver with black, made of surgical-hypoallergenic steel. Its cord is leather with silver clasp, can be worn at sea, with the certification of Andriano JewelsCategory-> Men's Crosses..
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